Best Camera Wrist Strap

Until very recently, if you had asked me how I carried my camera (when it wasn't in the camera bag), I would have replied with a vintage leather shoulder strap.

Camera straps are useful if you want to take street pictures from the hip, for example. Overall, they allow you to use both hands to do other things if you need them.

But with the increase in the amount of time I have spent on creating cinematographic images and using a tripod for the passage of time, I have found that they are more embarrassing to me than they are really useful to me. They tend to hang on my path.

I now think the most effective solution is to hold the camera in the bag when not in use and to hold it securely on my wrist when I pull with a leather strap.

Here is a brief overview of what we believe are our best camera wrist strap:

1- "Selino" Leather Camera Wrist Strap 

Selino camera wrist strap in brown with black color


Selino wrist strap is, without doubt, one of the finest camera leather-based items they usually provide many variations on the camera strap. I had reviewed their shoulder leather-based strap so I used to be now eager to provide this premium leather-based wrist strap ago. I definitely am not disillusioned and it has not left my Sony A7RIII since I hooked up it.

Without any exaggeration the easiest leather-based wrist strap you’ll ever purchase in your camera. OK, it is the priciest however at beneath $95, it is value it relating to saving your camera from destruction by fall.

It's hand-crafted, a made of thick (but extremely supple) leather-based, which is the softest I’ve ever come to the touch. I can’t stress sufficient how stunning it feels and appears.

What I actually like is the very fact it won't scratch my camera as (besides the loop to attach to the camera itself) it's simply threaded and leather-based. The embossed Artisan emblem can be a really good touch.

Lastly, the hand-stitched leather-based loop lock for measurement adjustment means you'll be able to modify how tight it wraps around your wrist, guaranteeing it’ll by no means drop.

A should have a camera strap for mirrorless camera customers together with the bigger A7RIII.

Color available (with the link):

2 - "Strace" Leather Camera Wrist Strap

Strace camera wrist strap in natural color

The handmade "Strace" leather strap is very popular and well known. It is available in various colors. It's our second favorite after "Selino". For example, it is perfect for the template of an Olympus E-M10 Mark II.

It's a simple camera strap, quite small and thin, that does its job very well... which is to secure your camera and not to bother you to take pictures! 

The wrist strap is still comfortable after a full day of walking and I would probably say the best size bracelet. Not too big, not too small. The easiest choice if you're not looking for the most fanciful bracelet and you can't really go wrong for $60!

Color available (with the link):

3 - "Strano" Leather Camera Wrist Strap

This is a beautiful leather wrist strap, which will enhance the appearance of any camera while keeping it securely attached to your wrist. The leather is extremely soft with the addition of a protective pad that slips between the camera body and the metal buckle that ensures your camera will never scratch.

It's very close, but it's our third favorite after "Strace". It is ideal for use on an A7RIII.

Color available (with the link):

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