Best Leather Camera Strap

Are you on the lookout for the most effective leather camera strap? This review of 11 leather camera neck and shoulder straps for DSLR and mirrorless cameras can be very helpful. In case you’re a photographer with a creative style, you are in the fitting place!. Select the camera leather strap you like.

Our best leather camera straps

Do you want to have style when you capture photos? Need a good, durable strap that stands the test of time?

Choose one of our best camera leather bracelets that will give you a unique style for your camera.

1. "Burtle" Leather Strap 

Burtle leather strap in black leather

Black "Burtle" Leather Camera Strap

This is a thin handmade leather camera strap, ideal for hot summer days when you want to wear as little as possible. The strap is quite narrow in width, so you can carry a small DSLR or a mirrorless camera. Overall, it appears very stylish and contemporary while giving you the stability you require.

Color available (with the link):

2. "Comder" Leather Strap

"Comder" Leather Camera Strap in light coffee leather color

Light Coffee color "Comder" Leather Camera Strap 

This leather neck strap for cameras will be a great choice for Fuji, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and Leica cameras. This is a stunning retro camera strap available in various colors. The leather has the particularity of being vegetarian with superior quality in this type of leather than other models from other brands allows you to use this bracelet for many years. With the help of special loops and rings, you can easily attach various camera formats. Thanks to its versatility, this strap makes carrying the camera easy and comfortable.

Color available (with the link):

3. "Hango" Leather Strap

"Hango" Leather Camera Strap in black leather

"Hango" Leather Camera Strap

The Hango camera's strap is awesome and delivers an equally impressive performance. It is made of Italian leather tanned in the part for the shoulder and extremities, which is a quality sign. The strap at the neckline is accompanied by a soft fabric, which offers additional comfort for the head and neck. In addition to this, there are a few sets of locks to help you adjust the length of a camera.

4. "Hoden" Leather Strap

Hoden leather camera strap Light coffee

Light Coffee "Hoden" Leather Camera Strap

The Hoden strap offers the user an original and robust vegetable leather look, with almost no compromise. Like other straps with this size, you don't want to put a lens or a heavy camera on a strap of this width. However, if you have a compact camera, this strap offers an ideal aesthetic option. It is also appreciated for its soft touch and reliability in different climates.

Color available (with the link):

5. "Pleat" Leather Strap

Pleat leather camera strap in horse color tones

Horse Color "Pleat" Leather Camera Strap

The Pleat leather strap offers the perfect solution for a small camera such as a mirrorless camera or point-and-shoot. The bracelet is on the narrow side, but it is well constructed and it is difficult to deny the appeal of its sober and minimal look. It is made of genuine leather. The strap is intended only for devices with various types of attachments. So it's a safe value.

Color available (with the link):

6. "Purst" Leather Strap

"Purst" Leather Camera Strap in red brown leather

Red-brown "Purst" Leather Camera Strap

This high-quality leather strap is carefully manufactured. The fact is that these straps are produced in small series and there is no series production. This means that each bracelet has been handcrafted to ensure the best possible quality, offering a truly exceptional experience. Each model is unique and although it is very robust, there will be time marks to remind you of past adventures.

Color available (with the link):

7. "Roled" Leather Strap

"Roled" Leather Camera Strap in light coffee color

Light Coffee "Roled" Leather Camera Strap

This is a leather strap suitable for small and medium-size cameras. You can attach it to your camera using the metal rings. This leather camera strap is elegant and practical. The protective tab prevents scratching the camera body. The carrying straps and wrist straps are perfectly matched to the wrist guard, all made of high-quality vegetable leather gives it great strength and a unique pleasant texture.

Color available (with the link):

8. "Sterly" Leather Strap

"Sterly" Leather Camera Strap in black leather

Black "Sterly" Leather Camera Strap

This is a shoulder strap with a classic handmade style with leather as for the other models imported from Italy that stand out for its aesthetic value, durability and comfort. There is a perfect different finish on the various sides, smooth and rough of real leather so you can pick the level of resistance you want.

Color available (with the link):

9. "Velvo" Leather Strap

Velvo leather shoulder strap Camel

Camel "Velvo" Leather Camera Strap

It is the best leather strap for those who are looking for their compact cameras. The grain of the. leather available in various shades of color is very pleasant and perfectly matches your outfit.  It is the perfect companion because of its compactness, adjustable size and the softness and style of real leather.

Color available (with the link):

10. "Vestic" Leather Strap

Gray-blue "Vestic" Leather shoulder Strap

Gray-blue "Vestic" Leather Camera Strap

Our top-of-the-range model with our embossed logo on the upper part is accompanied by various details in high-quality leather. The camera strap has a standard length which makes it suitable for both men and women and comes close to your usual comfort. Around the neck, the strap is a little thicker for more comfort. Otherwise, the strap is quite thin in design, but it is capable of mounting cameras up to 5 lbs. A nice little detail is the leather entrance, which prevents the belt from rubbing or scratching the camera body.

Color available (with the link):

11. "Vintery" Leather Strap

Vintery leather strap for camera

"Vintery" Leather Camera Strap

One of the best leather camera strap with a unique vintage style that you can get your hands on now, at least in our opinion because it has the particularity of being a model that looks like the leather straps used during World War II. It is actually a complete system and is also quite unique compared to other straps that you can find. The length of the strap can be adjusted to be more suitable for your particular size. This strap is compatible with mirrorless cameras and DSLRs of different brands. This product is made of 100% high-quality genuine leather.

How to choose the best leather strap for your camera?

It is essential to know if you need a durable strap for every day or just an elegant strap to meet modern styling. We have therefore prepared an essential guide to select the best camera strap to suit your needs.

Here are a few essential tips to remember if you are searching for a high-quality strap.

1. The quality of materials first

Easy carry camera

When looking around the market for a new bracelet, you could find a lot of interesting and uncommon models. But not every shoulder strap will be as strong and durable as you require. You don't really know what it's made of, so it can frustrate you during the photoshoot. Keep in mind that the primary objective of the strap is to protect your camera.

2. Learn more about the features of your camera

Style of various camera strap

Before selecting an adequate strap for your camera, you must understand how you like to carry your camera. It may be a camera neck strap or you may like the shoulder model. Understand your preferences and it will help you choose the best leather camera strap for you.

3. Do not throw away old straps

Vintage leather strap

If you truly love your new straps, don't rush to throw away the older ones. There will be a specific day when you will be able to use it. It is also recommended to have different straps for the various shooting conditions so that your old straps in poor condition can be very useful.

4. Materials

Material Shoulder strap

It is important to think about the materials used to make your strap. Choose breathable and practical models with high-quality materials to make them robust and pleasant.

5. Try different straps

easy leather shoulder strap

If you still can't decide on the best bracelet, it's best to try similar bracelets and compare their material and design.

There is a large selection of durable and stylish straps. Whether you are searching for a leather camera shoulder strap or a neck strap, you can quickly find the best one. Do not forget the above-mentioned recommendations and you will be able to choose the right model for your particular needs.

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And here the complete collection of our handmade leather straps.

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